riverwest femfest gallery day ( 2019 )

Support local visual artists and art spaces by visiting seven local art galleries and project spaces that are showing work made by local femme/non-binary artists in Milwaukee. Start from one neighborhood and work your way across town.

*A special location, Terry McCormick Gallery of Contemporary Fine & Folk Art, is run by artist Evelyn Patricia Terry. This space is both a gallery and the artists' home, so we ask that you respectfully enjoy this amazing experience!

Featured Artists:

Liala Amin, Ella Anderson, Hannah Bender, Sarah Benforado, Emily Bury, Katie Chandler, Sase Eisenmann, Diya Gitanjali Mark, Cynthia Ho, Eli Huckabay, Yessica Jimenez, Nina Keizer, Sydney Lange, Pilot Lee, Melissa K Mursch, Nicole Naudi, Riley Niemack, Natalie Pacheco-Vallejo, Cecilia Palacios, Alli Smith, Malia Spellman, Evelyn Patricia Terry, Stefanie M. Valverde, Izzy Waite, Teena Wilder


*Terry McCormick Gallery of Contemporary Fine & Folk Art

Yours Truly

Gluon Gallery


Facilitating Situations

Walker’s Point Center for the Arts

Real Tinsel

poster by Carly Huibregtse