alternative love at facilitating situations ( 2019 )

Love is typically framed as being strongest in romantic couples of the straight variety, but why does love have to be a part of a romantic relationship to be considered true? Through collage, photography, fiber and book arts, Alternative Love melds the subtle yet strong parallel of the love in platonic relationships, amongst family members, self-love, and the love of underrepresented queer couples. This exhibition aims to explore how much these loves share rather than contrast with the love in “traditional” romantic relationships.

During the exhibition, viewers can write a love letter to your queer partner, family member, friend, or self to be included in a future zine publication. Purchase themed cocktails, zines, and other works by the artists to help support the artists showing work. Afterward, head to the official after party taking place at WALKER'S PINT with a donate-what-you-can cover to go toward the LGBT+ organization Courage MKE.

Artists featured:

Nick Drain (Milwaukee)

Marbie Miller (Madison)

Ali Nofrey (Milwaukee)

Emma Smith (Milwaukee)

Rebeca Soto (Chicago)

poster by frannie sleger

alternative love.jpg